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  • July 04, 2020 3 min read

    (Some of the links below are to products on Amazon and Etsy. On Etsy, we link to items from U.S.-based shops only. If you buy an item via a link in this blog, it costs you nothing extra, but we'll receive a small commission. Rest assured, we'll never link to anything we don't think is great.)

    In 2020  the midst of the pandemic — lots of people skipped their treasured summer vacation. Americans spend around $2,000 per person on their vacation every year. If you missed yours this year, why not use a fraction of that money to turn your home into a staycation paradise? 

    If you’re like lots of people, you save all year and then spend big bucks for a room at a gorgeous, tropical resort. You dream of your first day all year, and then it finally arrives. Breathlessly, you check in and then drop your suitcase on the bed, rush to the window to take in the view, and let the cares of the world drift away.

     Woman standing in front of window

    In between all of the fun you have sightseeing, chilling on the shore, or sampling the local cuisine at cute outdoor cafes, you are in a room you chose for its amenities. You might even go back to the same place year after year. What do you love about it? The canopy bed? You can wake up in this beauty every day. 

     Handcrafted solid wood canopy bed

    If you’re so inclined (it’s your vacation; we aren’t judging if you skip a shower or two), you glide over to the enormous bathroom and step into a warm shower. Ah, that shower head always seems to produce way more water — and have better pressure  than anything you use at home.

    Woman in a bathing suit taking a shower

    While luxuriating in your plush robe after that fantastic shower (during which you may have chosen to wear a bathing suit — not judging!), you sip an espresso you made right there in your room. 

    Silver espresso machine

    These vacation days are bliss, especially the first ones when you know more time stretches ahead of you than behind. Inevitably, though, you hit the dreaded halfway mark and, before you know it, the last day.

     Woman at airport with suitcase

    That picture bums us out too. So imagine inside the suitcase, TOTALLY SAFE and able to breathe, with ample food and water, and just for a few seconds, is this little fella: 

    Tiny white dog in suitcase

    Anyway, you know how the rest of this story goes, right? No! Not with an arrest for animal cruelty. The dog is safe and sound (and should NEVER be packed in a suitcase). You return home and, after reliving your vacation by posting pictures on social media and regaling friends, you look around with a critical eye. Dull bed, check. Rusty old shower head with sketchy pressure, check. Ancient Mr. Coffee...definitely check. So you spend the next 50 or 51 weeks wishing you were there instead of enjoying where you are! That cycle doesn’t make a ton of sense if you want to feel happy every day, but we’re all guilty of it. 

    Now cut that crap out! Beachy365 is all about living like you're on vacation. So turn your home into a place that puts you in that vacation state of mind. A few tweaks here and there can do wonders to your surroundings, which in turn will remind you that life sure is better when you have that beachy beachy feeling every day! 

    Tiny white dog with sunglasses

    Told you he was okay.