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  • February 22, 2021 1 min read

    Happy National Margarita Day! Beachy365 did some soul searching and decided one day is not nearly enough to celebrate this refreshing beachy drink. So, we're commencing a week of festivities for National Margarita WEEK! No surprise, we did a quick look online and saw a lot of places are also making it a weeklong party. 

    National Margarita Day falls on Feb. 22 every year, but we're making the party last through March 1. That date puts us much closer to spring, which means summer is around the corner. Yippee! To help keep us in the partying mood, we're definitely wearing our limited-edition Bad Parrot commemorative tee, which you can purchase here for women and here for men!

    We've been training diligently for National Margarita Week since last year. By training, of course we mean trying different margarita recipes to figure out which we like best. Fun, flavored frozen concoctions (that, yes, help us hang on)? Classic three-ingredient margs on the rocks? We haven't been able to narrow it down, so our rigorous training must continue. We'll report back! 

    Lady drinking two margaritas

    One of the best ways to enjoy a margarita (or two!) is in a festive glass. We've even been known to use wine glasses to serve margaritas (please don't tell Martha Stewart). Living like you're on vacation means being free and relaxed, and plain old having fun. Make the most of National Margarita Week, friends, and as always, stay beachy beachy.