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Do your walls need some zip? If you’re like me, you buy a pretty framed picture at Target, survey your bedroom for 3 minutes, then grab the hammer and a nail and pop it on the wall. Stand back...ugh! It’s too high. Pull the nail out, guesstimate where it SHOULD go, and hammer away. Stand back...&$*#^*! Now it’s too low. The third time’s the charm. Not because you finally get the freaking picture exactly where you wanted it but because you’re sick of dealing with it! So up it goes, still slightly too low and definitely too close to your other artwork. 

And there it hangs, year after year, pretty but...maybe you need a change? If you’re not quite ready to tackle painting your walls a beachy coral or turquoise, there are easy ways to add some zip. In fact, there’s a Beachy365 design to complement any room in your staycation paradise.


Our canvases come in an array of sizes, colors, and designs to suit any room that needs a hot beach injection! And, yes, we have pillows too! Maybe that's why this guy is so happy. 

Beachy beachy vintage vibes green pillows with palm treees on bed

A blue-and-green color combo is the epitome of beachines, and this is one of our favorite designs for a soothing, restful bedroom vibe. Before long, you’ll be dreaming of lying in a palm-tree-shaded hammock over some sugary sand.

Our pillows are soft and high quality, and feature a zip-off cover — very handy if your dog isn’t as spotless as the cutie below. 

White lab on orange couch with green palm tree pillow

If a sunny corner on your patio is your preferred boat-drink-sipping spot, toss one of our pillows on a chair and chill. 

Brown leather chair with orange tropical drink pillow

There’s no right or wrong way to mix and match our canvases and pillows. Pop a coral starfish canvas on the wall and, who knows, maybe a blue flip flops pillow on your couch.

 Woman on couch laughing on phone with beachy beachy lucky starfish canvas on wall

Browse our entire collection and try your hand at beachy decorating. Nine out of 10 doctors we surveyed agree: the results will make you smile!


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