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  • August 31, 2020 2 min read

    Beachy365 has rebranded the staycation! Like a lot of you, we're spending more time at home these days. And like a lot of you, we missed our summer vacation. Total bummer. But the silver lining is we decided to try making our home look and feel like some of our favorite beachy vacation places. By taking a staycation, we had a little extra money to beachify our everyday surroundings. Now we'll have a home that makes us feel like we're on vacation 365 days a year. How cool is that? 

    We started with the living room (you can read about it here). To help you make your own staycation paradise, we'll share our best room-by-room ideas. In most of these blog posts, we'll include links to awesome products we find on either Amazon or Etsy. If you click on one of the links and buy an item, we'll get a small commission (like, enough for a Starbucks run). Buying an item this way costs you nothing extra. Essentially, Amazon and Etsy pony up a couple of bucks for us to do some advertising for them. We'll recommend only products we either have tried ourselves or have researched extensively.

    For Etsy, that research means recommending shops we've purchased from ourselves or those that have been around long enough and have enough happy customers so we feel confident in their products. For Amazon, we cross-reference product reviews with other review websites and on Consumer Reports (when applicable). 

    The result of vetting the products we recommend, we truly hope, is high-quality items you'll love!  

    This blog won't always feature room-by-room transformations. In fact, sometimes it won't be about buying anything at all. We'll share tips -- from food, to drink, to music -- for making every day feel like a beach day. We want to help everyone keep that amazing feeling year 'round. 

    Stay beachy!