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  • November 17, 2020 1 min read

    Sloungers are blazing a leisurely path through the community of slackers and loungers. With so many of us staying home these days, Beachy365 realized the time was ripe to reassess wardrobe essentials. If we're all going to be stuck inside, why wear constricting pants with that pesky button? And who shrunk them in the damn dryer, anyway? Clearly, an elastic waist is the must-have fashion feature in 2020 and beyond. That quarantine 15 isn't going to sit well inside a snug pair of trousers. Relax, for Pete's sake, in a pair of Sloungers. 

    Sloungers are perfect for your favorite inactivity, like snacking, loafing idly on the couch, or napping. But fitness enthusiasts, don't despair! Sloungers double as joggers and are perfect for exercise, too. They're warm, soft, and comfortable, made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester pre-shrunk fleece. You'll be equally comfortable anddare we say?stylish mowing the lawn, ambling around the block, or lying in a pile of half-raked leaves.

    To up your fashion game and make the neighbors jealous, pair them with your favorite Beachy365 hoodie or tee. Have a Zoom meeting for work? No one will be the wiser if you are Slounging from the waist down! In fact, you might get promoted for being so delightful to work with—that's how fantastic you'll feel in Sloungers

    So if you're sick of sucking in your stomach or pretending those pants from May 2020 still fit, rejoice! Sloungers are here to give you a big warm hug as you kick back. And they'll be there for you when you're ready to get your butt back in shape, too.