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  • December 09, 2020 1 min read

    Zoom became a way of life in 2020. As if in-person meetings weren't irritating enough (hello, Michael, that pen clicking is really gets on everyone's nerves), nowafter 327 virtual meetings—Michael still doesn't know how to use the mute function! 

    Can anything make these meetings more tolerable? We're so glad you asked! Let's start with the basics. First: take off those pants. Don't get weird on us; we just want you to trade in your boring old jeans for some Sloungers™

    Lovin the Sloungers Happy Guy

    Hold on; you've never heard of Sloungers—where slacking and lounging meet joggers?! We'll wait while you read the most important fashion announcement of the decade. 

    Beachy365 Sloungers

    So, back to that dull Zoom meeting. All that's required to make those 45 minutes fly by is a pair of Sloungers. We have styles to suit every mood. Feeling cheeky? Bad Seagull Sloungers feature our favorite bird helping himself to your pink frosted doughnut or slice of pizza. Maybe it's Friday and you have happy hour on your mind. Bad Parrot loves happy hour, and he'll help himself to your cocktail shrimp, thank you very much! If you're wishing you were on vacation and not listening to Michael's pen clicking, our vintage beachy designs can transport you there. 

    You can have fun above the waist too! We have hoodies, long- and short-sleeve tees, and pullovers in complementary designs for casual Fridays or no-camera Zoom meetings.

     Beachy365 Tees

    Be sure to browse all of our collections; we're sure you'll find apparel that'll help you live like you're on vacation!