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  • January 04, 2021 2 min read

    What is the Beachy365 challenge? It's living like you're on vacation. Now, if your annual vacation involves letting it all hang out at nudist colony or getting wildly drunk on a party cruise, that's cool! To clarify, though, we don't mean living daily as if you're on that kind of vacation (so no going to work nude or wildly drunk, unless that's a part of your job, in which case please send us an applicationFOR A FRIEND).

    If you can stop fixating on drunken, nude antics, think about how vacation makes you feel. How about free, happy, and relaxed. Sound about right?

    If you're like most people, you get 2 measly weeks of vacation per year. Of course, your boss gets annoyed if you use them all at once, so you squeeze in 1.5 weeks at the beach and then a long weekend or two at the in-laws'. Before you know it, you're working your butt off to do it all again next year. It doesn't have to be that way! That is, the 50 weeks of the year you aren't on vacation don't have to feel like a slog on a treadmill until the 2 weeks you can do this: 

    Whatever your ideal vacation involves, it likely includes feeling happy, relaxed, and free. Beachy365 is about getting beachy and staying beachy, regardless of location (you can be beachy at the mountains, in a woodsy cabin, on luxury cruise ship, etc.). Not to get all mystical and New Age-y about it, but being Beachy365 truly is a state of mind. Life is much more enjoyable when you take time to make every day feel like a little vacation. Your beachy break could be something like watching a sunrise or listening to some tropical music. How about taking a coconut-scented bubblebath, or eating chips and guacamole while your dog begs shamelessly at your feet? These are all things we've tried and recommend heartily! 

    Dog watching a chip and guacamole

    The challenge, then, is to take a minute or two, or whatever you can spare, to make each day feel like a tiny vacation. We're offering some of our favorite ways to stay beachy 365 days a year on Instagram. We also have lots of fun things happening on Facebook, like rise-and-shine posts, mid-day beachy breaks, and sunset happy hours. We have some great playlists on YouTube. Nothing makes the day a little beachier than music. 

    Oh, yeah. We have lots of apparel, decor, and more to help you in your quest to stay Beachy365. Check out some of our hot stuff here!  

    If you decide to take the Beachy365 challenge, we hope it's less of a challenge and more of a joy. We're doing it right along with you, and we'd love to hear your ideas for living like you're on vacation. Drop us a line or pop over to our social media. We'd love to hear from you!